Voice Controlled Home Automation System

In this article, I will demonstrate you how to make voice controlled home automation system using Arduino easily and step by step. Lets gets started…

In this project we use a bluetooth app and bluetooth module for wireless communication. This is a project for a voice controlled home automation system to control appliances with your voice through an Android app. You can change the bluetooth app according to your need.

Voice Controlled Home Automation Overview

The bluetooth app receives our voice commands and converts to text. The converted text is transferred to blutooth module which was connected to Arduino to receive data from the bluetooth app. Depending on the text received the Arduino will activate the specfic digital pin to turn-ON the relay. Once the relay turns ON, the appliance connected to it will be turned ON.

Voice Controlled Home Automation Circuit

Voice Controlled Home Automation circuit diagram

Voice Controlled Home Automation Working

Here the Bluetooth module used is HC-05. It is connected serially with the Arduino Mega. Arduino controls the relay activation with the help of transistor T1. When PIN6 of Arduino gets high, it triggers the base of the transistor T1 which is acting as a switch. Then it connects the ground to relay and the relay gets activated. As the relay activated, it turns ON the appliance/load connected to it.

Software Requirements

In this project we have used an Bluetooth App for sending voice commands to Arduino and Arduino IDE to program the Arduino.

You can download the voice controlled home automation arduino code and bluetooth app.

Construction and Testing

voice controlled home automation pcb layout
voice controlled home automation pcb layout

Assemble the circuit on the PCB to minimise time and assembly errors. CON1 is used to connect HC-05 module, CON2 and CON3 are 2-pin connectors used to connect 230V AC mains and load (bulb), respectively. CON4 is used to connect Arduino board (Board1).

Power on Arduino board using a 9V DC battery (or any USB 5V DC power supply) to enjoy wireless control of your home appliances via speech. Upload Bluetalk.ino sketch into Arduino board and install Bluetalk.apk on your Android phone.

Pair your Android’s Bluetooth to HC-05 module. It will prompt you to enter a password. Default password is 1234. Open the app and connect to HC-05 again. Your voice controlled home automation system is ready to work.

Touch ‘Speak’ icon on the app, say ‘Turn On’ in front of your smartphone to turn the appliance on and ‘Turn Off’ to turn it off.

Author : Madhav Shyam Lakhera is a Space science enthusiast interested in DIY projects, engineering and research.

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