Simple Mosquito Repellent Circuit using 555 timer

Simple Mosquito Repellent Circuit using 555 timer

Some of the mosquito repellents available in the market use a toxic liquid to generate poisonous vapours in order to repel mosquitoes out of the room. Due to the continuous release of poisonous vapours into the room, after midnight the natural balance of the air composition for good health reaches or exceeds the critical level. Mostly, these vapours attack the brain through lungs and exert an anaesthetic effect on mosquitoes as well as other living beings by small or greater percentage. Long exposure to these toxic vapours may cause neurological or related problems.

The best solution is to build a simple electronic circuit which can generate some output which repels mosquitoes. In this article, you are going to learn how to make a simple mosquito repellent circuit with the minimum amount of components.

Principle of Mosquito Repellent Circuit:

Human beings can hear sounds in the range of 20Hz to 20kHz. The human can’t hear sounds which are higher than 20kHz. Sounds which are higher than 20kHz are audible to several animals like cats, dogs, insects, mosquitoes etc.

The ability to hear sounds with the frequency greater than 20kHz in mosquitoes is a tricky concept here. Usually, male mosquitoes sound greater than 20kHz, these sounds are hated by female mosquitoes after breeding. The sound greater than 20kHz produces stress in the antennae of female mosquito which leads to repelling from that sound.

Simply, the circuit which we are going to build generates the sounds with the frequency ranging from 20kHz to 40kHz. This sound is not audible to humans, but it is audible to mosquitoes.

Mosquito Repellent Circuit:

mosquito repellent circuit

Usually, in mosquito repellent circuits, IC 555 is used in an astable mode to generate continuous pulses which swings between high and low.

Working of 555 Timer


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