How to make IR Remote Decoder using Arduino

Hello Guys, in this article you will see how to make an IR remote decoder using Arduino. Before getting started you have to know IR remote work. In our daily life, we use remotes to control television, Audio Systems, Projectors etc.. The way of communication is going on is with Infrared Signals (IR Signals).

Working of IR remote

IR remote works with an operating frequency of 38kHz. When we press a button on remote it generates a digital pulse of 38kHz. The pulse is unique for each key of the remote. This unique coded pulse avoids the remote to interact with other devices. If there are same codes for all remotes of different devices if you turn ON TV there is a chance that any other device interacts and malfunction. When you pressed a key on remote, a digital pulse is ejected. The ejected IR digital pulse is received by the device is decoded and checks with the predefined set of codes, if the code matches it activates the specific function.

ir remote working


Watch this video for more information

Making IR Remote Decoder

Now I hope you know the working of IR remote. In this project, we receive the IR pulse generated and decode it get the unique code. We make a note of the unique code respective to the key pressed.

Components Required

ir remote decoder components

  • TSOP 1738 
  • Arduino UNO 
  • Bread Board 
  • Jumper wires 
  • USB Cable for Arduino

To make a program to decode IR remote signals, first you need to setup Arduino IDE. You have to include IR remote library. If you don’t know how to include the library download the library from the link below and follow instructions.

Download IR Remote Library

ir remote decoder library

Open Arduino IDE—> Sketch—>Include Library—>Add .Zip Library—>Select the library downloaded—>Click Open

After adding the library to Arduino IDE upload the code below to your Arduino board.

IR remote Decoder Arduino Code

TSOP 1738 Pin configuration

pin out of tsop1738

IR remote decoder circuit

ir remote decoder circuit

TSOP1738<—————————–> ARDUINO UNO 

GND <———————————————>GND

Vcc <————————————> 5V Supply pin

Vout <———————————–> Digital PIN 11

Testing and Output

Click on Tools in Arduino IDE and click on the Serial Monitor  (Tools ————–> Serial Monitor) , then a new window is opened, set its baud rate to 9600.

Open serial monitor

When you press a key in the remote, you can see the decoded output in the serial monitor.One set of the sequence is repeated more times 4294967295. We should not consider this sequence.

ir remote decoded output

Complete Video Tutorial with Testing

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