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Make Arduino Weather Station

arduino weather station

Arduino Weather Station

If you are searching to make weather station using Arduino to monitor temperature and humidity levels of your surrounding and display on LCD. Here you can find that. In this article, I am going to explain how to make your own device which is capable of measuring both temperature and humidity levels and display the data on LCD display.Here you can find how to setup dht11 sensor with Arduino.

Components Required

DHT11     [ Amazon India / GearBest ]

16×2 LCD Display.   [ Amazon India / GearBest ]

Arduino Uno   [ Amazon India / GearBest ]

Few Jumper Wires  [ Amazon India / GearBest ]


There are two types of DHT11 modules are available in the market. One with 3pins (Added Resistor) and 4 pins (Normal module). To run the interface DHT11 module with  Arduino you must require DHT library.

To know how to connect LCD display you can check here

Connections for 4 pin DHT11

4 pin dht11 sensor arduino connections

If you use 4 pins dht11 sensor you must use a 10K Ohm resistor in between VCC and data pins.

Connections for 3 Pin DHT11

3 pin dht11 sensor arduino connections

Download Code

Download Libraries for Arduino



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