Make 15W Simple Audio Amplifier

If you are searching to make a simple audio amplifier this best place to look. It is a simple audio amplifier but having the power output of 15W. The amplifier is made with less number of components so that there is no hassle while making.

Components Required

LM882 IC

TIP 41 Transistor – 1

TIP 42 Transistor – 1

1N4148 Diode – 1

22k Potentiometer

10k Resistor – 1

1M Resistor – 1

0.22uF Capacitor – 2

47uF Capacitor – 1

Audio Amplifier Circuit

15w simple audio amplifier circuit


LM882 is a dual op-amp IC. The op amps are connected in inverting configuration to get the high amplification with stability. The operating voltage of the audio amplifier is 12V. This amplifier is configured as class B amplifier.

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