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How to Make 12V to 220V Inverter Circuit

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Make 12V DC to 220V AC Inverter

In this article, you will see how to make a 12v to 220v inverter circuit using 555 timer. This article consists of all details to make 12v to 220v inverter. Before getting started you must know what is the inverter and how it works.


An inverter is a circuit which converts direct current (DC) to alternate current (AC). It is an opposite process to rectification. A rectifier circuit converts AC to DC.

Components Required:

12v to 220v inverter


  • BC547 – 1
  • 2N6292 – 2


  • 15k Ohm – 4
  • 100k Ohm – 1


  • 0.01uF – 1
  • 0.22uF – 1


  • IC 555 – 1
  • 8 Pin IC Base – 1
  • Switch – 1
  • PCB – 1
  • Transformer [12-0-12/3A] – 1 [Banggood]
  • Heat Sinks – 1

12V to 220V Inverter Circuit Diagram:

12v to 220v inverter circuit

You can use both step up and step down transformers. 12V side must be connected to the circuit and 220V side must be connected to load like a bulb or any appliance less than 25W.


12V to 220V Inverter Circuit Working:

This 12v to 220v inverter circuit consists of 555 timer configured to 50Hz in astable multivibrator mode. The generated square waves are carried to the transformer to step up the voltage levels. The gain of the inverter depends upon properties of the transformer. The current rating of the transformer must be greater than 2A. The maximum power delivered by this inverter is 25W.

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