LED Chaser using 4017

In this article you will learn, how to make an LED chaser using 4017 easily with less number of components. Lets gets started.

Don’t fear, you will make this projects easily. I will instruct you step by step. Get all the components. Watch the video and start building. Its easy!

Components Required

  • LEDs – 10
  • Tri Color LED – 1
  • 2.8K Resistor
  • IC 4017
  • PCB or Breadboard

LED Chaser Circuit Diagram

led chaser circuit using 4017

Working of LED chaser circuit

Led chaser circuit has 4017 IC. IC 4017 is a decade counter, a line will be high when triggering input is given. Since IC 4017 is a decade counter, it has 10 output lines, for each triggering input the output will be high and shifts to other output line sequentially with respect to triggering input .

In normal led chasers for triggering 4017 ic we use 555 timer. But in this led chaser project we don’t use 555 timer for triggering. Instead we use tri color led for triggering. Here tricolor led uses different voltage levels for each color. By using this phenomenon, we will add a resistor, so that led doesn’t have sufficient voltage level to glow for a color and pulls to low and acts as trigger.

Download Gerber Files


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