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TDA2822 Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit

tda2822 audio amplifier

In this article, you will learn, how to make a simple stereo audio amplifier with the TDA2822M. The total cost of the components is less than 5$ and because the circuit is very simple you can make it on PCB, or on a protoboard.

TDA2822 Audio Amplifier

TDA2822 is a dual op-amp low voltage audio amplifier. It is an 8 pin IC with 2 outputs. You can make use of individual op-amps of IC. Its features are the low crossover distortion, low quiescent current, stereo or bridge configuration and the supply voltage is down to 1.8V. In this project, I designed the stereo amplifier.

TDA2822 Pin Configuration

tda2822 pinout


Download TDA2822 Datasheet

TDA2822 Stereo Amplifier Circuit

tad2822 amplifier circuit



tda2822 pcb 1tda2822 pcb 2

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