Arduino Music Reactive LED Strip

In this article, you will learn how to make an Arduino Music Reactive LED Strip. It is very much similar to VU Meter, but it is made with an LED strip. It will give an awesome effect of music in dark.

Without further delay lets make it.

Components Required

  • Arduino Nano.
  • Sound Sensor.
  • PCB Board.
  • IRFZ44N Mosfet.
  • BC547 NPN Transistor.
  • 10k Resistor (2x)
  • Screw Terminal (2x)
  • Female Header.
  • BC547

Arduino Music Reactive Circuit Diagram

//Music Reactive Led Strip
int soundSensor = 12;  //define Sound Sensor Pin
int LED = 11;          //define LED Strip Pin

void setup() 
  pinMode (soundSensor, INPUT); //define Sound Sensor as input
  pinMode (LED, OUTPUT);        //define LED Strip as output

void loop()
  int statusSensor = digitalRead (soundSensor);   //define variable of the Sound Sensor status
                                                  //and read value of the Sensor's
  if (statusSensor == 1)        //When the Sensor detects a signal
    digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);    //LED Strip will be active
  else                          //If no signal is detected
    digitalWrite(LED, LOW);     //The status of the LED strip is deactivated

Complete Project Video


Download Arduino Code and Gerber files here

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